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Keurig is a leading single serve coffee maker brand, known for delivering the most consistent, convenient, and great-tasting single serve coffee experience.

  • Keurig® coffee makers are designed to brew K-Cup® pods to produce high quality beverages in sizes ranging from 110-290 ml. Our coffee pods contain ground coffee and filters, unlike some other systems that use instant (soluble) coffee.
  • The Keurig® coffee maker allow you to customize the size of your drink, control the intensity, and prepare a drink in under a minute without grinding beans, measuring coffee, handling filters, or cleaning up.
  • The K-Cup® pod is oxygen-sealed and has an air-tight barrier that helps maintain the freshness and quality of the ground coffee inside.

We are sorry that you are having issues with your Keurig coffee maker. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Please contact Jugos Del Valle Consumer Care Centre on 58 13 88 85 or 01 800 70444 00. They are ready to help you make the most of your brewing experience.

Bottled or filtered water is best.

Your coffee maker is equipped with a High Altitude setting for optimized performance at high altitudes (1600 meters and higher). Enable the High Altitude mode if you live in one of those high altitude locations. You can do so by accessing the coffee maker settings.

No, the K200MX coffee maker does not have the technology to program it, however with the touch of a button it will not take you more than 3 minutes to heat up from the first power on, or more than 60 seconds to brew a delicious drink.

1. Lift the handle of the water tank lid to open the water tank.

2. Ensure there is no water in the tank, then attach the water filter to the bottom of the tank.

3. Push the filter firmly down to secure it to the bottom of the tank.

4. Fill the water tank.

5. Replace the lid to close the tank. Insert a K-Cup® pod into the pod holder and place a mug on the drip tray. The coffee maker is now ready to make your drink.

Your coffee maker is not dishwasher safe as it is an electrical appliance, however, you may put the drip tray and drip tray plate parts on the top rack only.

1. Disconnect the coffee maker: It is a simple but important step.

2. Dismantle removable parts such as the water tank, lid, drip tray, drip tray plate, and K-Cup® pod holder. Wash these parts in hot soapy water and dry them.

3. Clean the surface of the coffee maker by wiping with a clean, dry cloth, or damp cloth when necessary. When done, place all removable parts back on to the coffee maker and reconnect to the power supply.

4. Descale the coffee maker by filling the water tank with Keurig® Descaling Solution or a vinegar solution - half water and half white vinegar. Place a mug on the drip tray, make sure there is no K-Cup® pod in the holder, and press the brew button to start the descale process. Repeat the brew process until the tank is empty, discarding the mug contents after each brew. This process will help eliminate lime and scale buildup. Keurig® recommends descaling your coffee maker at least every 3-6 months depending on your water source and usage.

5. Repeat rinsing again with water: Repeat the process using only water in the tank to remove any residual solution.

For optimal flavor and taste, brewing more than once with the same grounds is not recommended.

Coffee grounds may have gathered in the exit needle of your coffee maker.

To clean the needle, follow these steps:

  • Remove and clean the exit needle in accordance with the K-Cup® Pod Holder cleaning instructions.
  • Remove and clean the exit needle in accordance with the K-Cup® Pod Holder cleaning instructions.
  • Remove and clean the exit needle in accordance with the K-Cup® Pod Holder cleaning instructions.

To stop the brew process, press and hold the Power Button for one second. For safety reasons, do not lift the brew handle during the brew process. Remove and dispose of any used K-Cup® pod. Brewing a used pod is not recommended.

The frequency of descaling depends on the level of mineral content of your water. This is why we recommend using filtered or bottled water. Calcium deposits of scale may build up in your coffee maker and hinder your coffee maker performance. Descaling your coffee maker every 3 to 6 months helps prevent this from occurring. Your system will remind you when to descale with the prompt “Time to descale the coffee maker!” This reminder tracks the amount of liquid that has passed through the system and then prompts you to descale. If you postpone the descaling process, then the system will remind you again in 6 weeks. This reminder will only go away once the system has actually been descaled. However, if you feel that your water has a higher level of mineral content, then you should consider descaling more often.

Once your Keurig® coffee maker has been primed, you cannot empty the water from the inside. The internal tank of the coffee maker cannot be drained. If you need to store your coffee maker, empty the removable water reservoir and store your coffee maker in a safe and frost-free environment. Please be sure to store your coffee maker in its upright position to avoid water leakage from the inner tank. If you store the coffee maker in a cold environment, you run the risk of water freezing inside the coffee maker and causing damage. When you prepare to use it after storage, we recommend rinsing the removable water reservoir with fresh water and running three cleansing brews without a K-Cup® pod. If you plan to move your coffee maker to a different location, turn the coffee maker off, unplug it, and empty the removable water reservoir. If your coffee maker has been in an environment below freezing, please be sure to let it warm to room temperature for two hours before brewing.

A K-Cup® pod is a personal dose of coffee, tea, or chocolate ready to be prepared in your coffee maker.

Look for the distinctive K logo on the boxes or the Keurig® brand name.

Only brands that are compatible with the coffee maker will work appropriately, see brand list above.To gaurantee coffee maker functionality, please use authorized K-Cup® pods. For more information, please visit

The challenge of protecting the freshness of roasted coffee during the use of ecological packaging is one that both Keurig and the coffee industry have committed to overcome. We are very sensitive to the waste generated by the K-Cup® pods and we are investigating alternative materials. Finding a solution for this is a priority for us, and we hope to have it in a short time. Learn more about our commitment to recylability and sustainability here:

We are part of the Coca-Cola Service in Your Home we will be able to supply you whenever you need it. You can find K-Cup® pods at selected retailers and Coca-Cola Tu Hogar, please visit You can also call Jugos Del Valle Consumer Care Centre on 58 13 88 85 or 01 800 70444 00.

Please check the label of each product as each variety has a different nutritional content.

On average between 9g and 12g of coffee, this depends on the roasting of each coffee among other factors.

At Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. we use coffee from different parts of the world, including Mexican origin coffee, guaranteeing the quality of your drink.

We offer a wide variety of coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and specialty dairy drinks.

Originally, your drink will come out hot, if you want you can turn it into a cold drink by brewing over ice.

We are starting with a smaller portfolio but plan to bring more brands and varieties over time. Email us and tell us what brands you would like us to add in Mexico.

Some of the K-Cup® pods do contain filters. Filters are made with abaca fiber, the same material that is typically used in tea bags, and are considered unbleached.

Hot cocoa and dairy based beverages may contain milk, soy, or tree nuts. Most coffee and tea pods are egg and dairy free. Some dairy based beverages may contain palm or coconut oil, sucralose, sugar, cocoa derivatives, dairy, sodium caseinate, soy.

Please see the individual product nutritionals for a list of ingredients.

We recommend storing K-Cup® pods in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Yes, as long as they are Keurig® products.

There is a limited warranty period of 1 year to cover factory defects.

This warranty covers all parts and components of the product including labor.

The importer is obliged to replace any defective part or component without additional costs. It includes the expenses of transportation of the product that derive from its fulfillment, within the service network. Should the need arise for warranty servicing, simply call the Jugos Del Valle Consumer Care Center on 58 13 88 85 or 01 800 70444 00.

Keurig® coffee makers are high quality appliances and, with proper care, are intended to provide years of satisfying performance. However, should the need arise for warranty servicing, simply call the Jugos Del Valle Consumer Care Center on 58 13 88 85 or 01 800 70444 00.