Coffee Expertise

  • All for the Love of Coffee

    Knowledge of the land makes for better coffee

    Our farmers grow the best specialty coffee, our sources go out and find it, and then our beverage developers make sure each of its natural flavors truly shines.

    Passion pours into every cup

    Everyone at our company plays an important role in getting us from bean to mind-blowing cup. We’re a group of farmers, buyers, scientists, experts, dreamers, doers and do-gooders with a passion and love for coffee.

  • The people behind our delicious coffee

    Amanda Juris

    Amanda grew up surrounded by coffee drinkers and was eager to learn how to appreciate and prepare coffee at an ... Read More

    Beto Pimentel

    Beto has been around coffee his entire life. He grew up on a 4th generation coffee farm in Brazil, and since ... Read More

  • Supporting Farmers in Mexico with Heifer International

    Keurig has partnered with Heifer Internacional in Chiapas, Mexico since 2008. Our newest collaboration, Chiapas Coffee Matters, supports coffee farming families to improve coffee productivity, adopt climate-smart agricultural practices and diversify farm production... Read More

  • Immersing our Employees in our Coffee Culture.

    Each year, we send approximately 60 employees to connect with the people and places where our coffee is grown. These aren’t just coffee buyers or tasters – they’re employees from every department and location where we operate. Our goal is to infuse all areas of our company with respect and love for our products, the people who produce them, and places they live... Read More

Preparando un Mundo Mejor

  • News and Updates

    Coffee Connects us to the World.

    To far-flung coffeelands. To hard-working farming families. And to people everywhere who love the familiar comfort of their morning ritual. It’s through these relationships that we’ve always found unique opportunities to make the world a better place.

  • News and Updates

    Making a Difference Starts at the Source.

    Our work connects us to coffee farmers around the globe — we shake their hands, visit their fields, and meet their families. And while we’ve always been committed to treating them fairly, we think we can do even better than that. That’s why we’ve challenged ourselves to improve the livelihoods of people in coffee communities — so they can better support their families and continue farming the high-quality coffee we all love.

    2020 Target

    Engage 1 million people in our supply chain to improve their lives.
    Responsibly source 100% of our coffee and brewers.

  • News and Updates

    Going all in to Help Coffee Communities.

    We’ve made a commitment to move beyond traceable coffee, which tells us where our coffee comes from, to 100% responsibly sourced coffee, which ensures that our coffee is socially and environmentally sustainable. That’s because truly great coffee helps promote the greater good — so growers can live better lives, farmlands can prosper each and every season, and coffee can thrive for generations to come.

    From traceable to responsible by 2020
    85% coffee traceable in fiscal 2017
    31% responsibly sourced in fiscal 2017

  • News and Updates

    Working Like our Earth Depends on it.

    We all want to leave the world better than we found it. To do our part, we set ambitious 2020 targets to reduce, reuse, recycle, and restore. We’re working to send zero waste to landfill, cut our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and restore 100% of the water used in our brewed beverages. We’re excited to announce that we’re way ahead of schedule. In 2017, we added our water goal to the list of 2020 targets we’ve met early, joining our GHG emissions target. We’re also 98% there on our waste target, and we’ll have converted to 100% recyclable K‑Cup® pods in Canada by the end of 2018.