Immersing our employees in coffee culture.

Each year, we send approximately 60 employees to connect with the people and places where our coffee is grown. These aren’t just coffee buyers or tasters – they’re employees from every department and location where we operate. Our goal is to infuse all areas of our company with respect and love for our products, the people who produce them, and places they live. Our employees have the opportunity to meet the families who grow our coffee, understand all that they do, and witness the impact of our work and relationships at the source. This year we sent employees on journeys to Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru.


The Keurig employees on the Mexico source trip began their journey in Tapachula, Mexico, a mountainous region near the Guatemalan border where coffee is known for its light, delicate flavor and rich, brisk acidity. From there they followed the coffee supply chain from bean to cup, visiting nurseries, small and large estates, co-ops, a buying center, wet and dry mills. They finished their trip with a tourism day in San Cristobal de las Casas.
During each of these stops, the group was amazed by the hospitality their hosts offered, and the care that they put into their coffee parcels. As one participant from our Partners team said “I have been working with coffee for a number of years, but this trip took my understanding and appreciation of what it truly takes to produce a cup to a completely different level. I’m spreading the word around my team and highly encouraging others to go on a future trip.”